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Set List for Dinosaur Jr., Dec. 15 2011, Fillmore SF

December 16, 2011

Last night Dinosaur Jr., one of my favorite bands, played at the Fillmore in San Francisco. For some reason, they played all of their 1988 album Bug. They also played other songs, but none from their recent albums Beyond or Farm. I was slightly disappointed not to hear newer stuff, although some songs from Bug were never played on previous tours, so at least there was new material in that regard.

Before the performance, Henry Rollins interviewed the band on stage for about 20 minutes. I’ve never seen this done at a concert before, so that was unique. And if you’ve ever witnessed an interview with J Mascis, you might wonder how this could possibly go down (search for “J Mascis interview” on youtube and prepare to be laconicized). But it was brief and somewhat interesting, mostly because Henry kept things moving.

Dinosaur Jr. is excellent live. All of the songs sound better in person than on the record. On this night, “The Post” and “Out There” (a.k.a. “Out of There” to Jenny Jones) stood out as particularly superior to the album tracks, and extended versions of “Don’t” and “Gargoyle” exemplified why they are known to “jam electric drool.”

Songs 3-11 comprise the entire Bug album, in order. I think this list is accurate. If I missed something, leave a comment.

  1. Thumb
  2. In a Jar
  3. Freak Scene
  4. No Bones
  5. They Always Come
  6. Yeah We Know
  7. Let It Ride
  8. Pond Song
  9. Budge
  10. The Post
  11. Don’t
  12. Out There
  13. Feel the Pain
  14. Tarpit
  15. Gargoyle
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