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Restored to Former Glory

March 10, 2012

My blog is back up and now on a new host. For the last seven or so years, this domain was served from an east coast university computer science department. I was basically squatting on an account from a friend’s former lab’s web host (and probably violating at least multiple terms of service).

Over the years that machine suffered at least one major data loss, and more recently several breakage and outage issues (most notably for this site, an upgrade that caused WordPress to malfunction, leading to a short-lived trial of Habari, which although nice lacked the maturity of WP), so it was time to move away from a host I couldn’t directly control.

Now DreamHost is the new home. It’s difficult to choose among the plethora of hosting sites out there, but several factors tipped the scale:

  • They operate green data centers.
  • They oppose SOPA.
  • They exposed the corrupt practices of pay-for-placement ranking sites.
  • They hire domestically.
  • They provide free hosting for charitable non-profits.
  • I know one of the co-founders from grad school, and he’s a nice guy (and I prefer giving business to nice guys).

If you are shopping for a hosting service, and decide on DreamHost, please consider using the discount code DEPROG50 when you sign up. It will give a $50 discount on a one-year plan (or $75 on two-year plan), and a referral bonus to me.

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