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Troubleshooting Hadoop Daemons via HTTP Servlets

July 23, 2013

The Hadoop daemons expose useful data on HTTP “servlets” that are built into the code. Data exposed from these pages may help debug configuration problems, understand performance issues, etc.

This page is a reference because it’s nice to have these links handy in one place.

The addresses that the daemons use are:

  • JobTracker:    http://<JobTrackerHost>:50030
  • NameNode:    http://<NameNodeHost>:50070
  • TaskTracker:    http://<TaskTrackerHost>:50060
  • DataNode:    http://<DataNodeHost>:50075

The paths for these resources are:

  • /conf –   all the current configuration settings
  • /jmx –   JMX metrics
  • /metrics –   Hadoop metrics
  • /logLevel –   interface to change the log level
  • /stacks –   stack dump of running threads
  • /logs –   all the logs

Append the path to the address to get the data. For example, use http://my_jobtracker_host:50030/conf to get the configuration data from the JobTracker.

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